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  • Roderick Reed

    It’s no surprise that Roderick Reed developed an interest in art at an early age, having grown up in a family with art in their background. “The first time I realized I could do art was when I drew a picture of my friend’s lunchbox in 3rd grade. Teachers and kids loved it. It was a scene from Star Wars.” Art takes other forms in Reed’s life as well, he owns a successful Interior design firm.. REEDesign. “Interior design is art in 3 dimension, beauty, scale and color all still apply. I am about seeing beauty and converting into a medium people can enjoy. Regardless, if it is on canvas or someone’s home. And what would his dream project be? “The dream would be taking what my brain sees and putting on canvas with ease, somewhere between brain and hand comes frustration. Most artists feel that, I imagine. But that’s why it’s my dream, if I can overcome, there will be some really great art!” Roderick lives with his wife Kathy and two sons in Laguna Beach, California.