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  • Jaime Weber

    Jaime Weber ~ Jaime Weber Ceramics, JambalayaArts
    A summer school art class at the age of 9 was my first experience with clay and it began a love affair that now, 40 years later has resulted in this career I love! As that 9-year-old child, I couldn't wait for high school, when I could take ceramics as an elective and work with clay every day. Four years of high school classes with Richard Martinez gave me a good foundation for the 3 years studying under Jeff Johnson in Northern California while I worked on my Associates degree.

    By then, I had married and had the first of my two children and was dedicated to life as a stay-at-home mom. As it happens in life, children and family got in the way of my art. I was constantly the “Art mom” for my children’s classes which gave me the opportunity to experience, experiment and ultimately teach a variety of mediums, throughout my childrens school careers. However, my love for ceramics kept bringing me back to pottery! With my children growing older, I had waited long enough, and in 2004 I bought an old kiln on Craigslist and began the long process of finding myself again as a potter. It’s amazing to me that the muscle memory was still there after all that time! Two years as the manager of DAY Art Studio, a retail community art studio in Pleasanton, CA taught me how to us my kiln and practice those rusty skills, as well as gave me an opportunity to teach other artforms like mosaic, decoupage and mixed media. Then in 2008, an opportunity to exhibit and work with Elmwood Studio, a Bay Area ceramics co-op began my years refining my aesthetic and ultimately finding my artistic voice.

    Now ten years later, I have sold my work at Milfleur Boutique in Pleasanton, CA, exhibited for the last six years at the Sawdust Winter Fantasy in Laguna Beach, CA. and the Laguna Art-A-Fair Festival in Laguna Beach, CA. Year round you can find my art at Mystic Arts Gallery in Laguna Beach and Chemers Gallery in Tustin. Highly textural, and with a vintage feel, my ceramics are meant to be a marriage of beauty and function. I want my pieces to feel good in your hand as well as look beautiful in your home, and finding new uses for my functional line pieces should be part of the fun! But when function interferes with vision, I love to let go and see where the form can take me, and it takes me to some very interesting places… I love my time in my studio, carving new stamps, creating new forms and finding new and different ways to work with clay. I hope you enjoy my ceramics as much as I enjoy creating them."