664 S. Coast Highway - Laguna Beach

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  • Ashley Graf

    Ashley grew up the way most do, skipping ahead, bringing us to her young 20's where she traveled Europe for the first time. This was the first time she realized the world was big- like google, an endless pool of possibilities and wonders to wonder at. She went from here to there to there and during that time fell in love with the art of idea making and creating spaces. Space is everywhere, especially in our hearts. Ashley felt this every time she explored a new alley with its hidden cracks, yellow light and late night stories. after a series of days and nights like this in a row she experienced a creative awakening and wrote this,

    "I fell in love with the world when I was 21. The big, detailed, quirky, smallness of it all sparked my breath and so, in return, I gave it my heart. And that’s when I knew I wanted to spend my life getting to know it. So... join me, as I protest against real jobs, all day long."

    She is still in love with the world. Frequenting Laguna Beach in her 1989 Chevy van with mauve interior and making art. Look for her on Instagram at Ashleygrafcollective or online at Ashleygraf.com